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university 1 min read

Despite term having finished last Friday, the monkeys all returned to the lab today at 11am to do some work 
on our project, the topic-driven web crawler. Not just any kind of work; some serious XP (as in Extreme Programming).
Neil and I worked on data structures, whilst Derek, Gary and Mark focused on some of the primary entities. We made some 
decent progress, and a good time was had by all. Or some such thing. I did wear my coding hat, though none of the others 
did. Bah.


Eventually even we get tired (and indeed hungry), so after a quick trip to Curler's for lunch, with an amusing moment 
as Derek (who is by far the tallest of our group) had to <a href="">use an ATM seemingly intended for children</a>, 
we returned to the lab and did some hardcore chair-racing. Strictly speaking, they returned to the lab whilst I went 
to have tea with a charming young lady, but whatever. When I got back to the lab 90 minutes or so later, chair 
racing commenced.

Mad props to Gary for finally beating my record time by about a quarter of a second, despite having injured himself 
twice on the straights during previous attempts. Further mad props to him for managing to look <a href="">gormless</a>, 
then <a href="">very sinister</a>, 
and finally <a href="">insane</a> all within the space of about two minutes. 
Good job.


In other news, all my Christmas shopping is done; all presents wrapped and all cards written. What a relief. Now I just wait another 
day and a half until I can see what Santa brings...