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Yet more Apple UI strangeness

interface 1 min read

This time, it’s Keynote - but I’m sure I’ve seen this in other Apple apps too. Keynote uses normal (Aqua) windows, and normal NSToolbars in its document windows. All good so far.

In common with many apps which use NSToolbar, two of the items you can add to Keynote documents’ toolbars are the “Colors” item and the “Customize Toolbar” item. These are both standard, pre-defined items - their labels, icons, actions etc are all set for you by Cocoa. That’s why all apps that have a “Colors” toolbar item have the same little color-wheel icon: because the system is supplying it.

All apps, that is, except for Keynote. Keynote does have the same color-wheel icon, but that’s because Apple has included a TIFF of that icon in the bundle. Ditto for the “Customize Toolbar” icon. Ditto for the “Print” icon, which is even more strange than the other two, since when you show the “Customize Toolbar” sheet in Keynote, the “Print” item isn’t even listed!

These are standard items, with icons supplied by the system. Keynote uses them in a completely standard way, and uses identical icons to the standard ones. As far as I can see, the icons are not used anywhere else in Keynote (they’re nowhere in the multi-paned Inspector, for example).

Why, oh why, are these superfluous TIFFs included in the bundle? It’s just getting silly now.