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“You and your Climactic Confrontations”

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Fiona and I were shopping in the city centre today, and at one point we 
were in the Buchanan Galleries. At the top of the ramp leading up from 
the Sauchiehall St entrance, there's a large, round open area outside John 
Lewis, with several levels of balconies overlooking it. Naturally, I 
remarked that this would be yet another good place for a <em>Climactic 
I always do this whenever I find myself in a place that's even vaguely 
suitable for a movie's Climactic Confrontation; in this case, I envisioned 
someone like Bruce Willis dodging a hail of bullets from above as he 
negotiated each level of escalators and balconies to finally reach the bad 
guy at the top, obviously killing him and sending him crashing to the ground 
three levels below.

Historically, Fiona has just rolled her eyes and/or sighed whenever I mention 
the suitability of a location for such scenes, but today she 
was heard to say, in a long-suffering voice, &ldquo;You and your Climactic 

Gentlemen, surely I'm not the only one who does this? Help me out here!

Admittedly, when we're at the cinema and it's nearing the end of an action movie, when the protagonists enter a location which looks like the setting for a final battle, I also turn to Fiona and remark that the Climactic Confrontation is upon us (usually drawing a harsh stare at the very best of times).